Upgrade Partnership with Banks and Credit Unions

Upgrade has been an industry leader in financial institution partnerships, with a long pedigree in the marketplace lending space.

We have generated $3+B in loans in the last 3 years and over 60% of our loans are purchased by banks and credit unions.

Banks can partner with Upgrade to purchase any of Upgrade’s facilitated loans including personal loans, cards or auto refi loans. We also offer opportunities for Banks to receive well-diversified, low-cost deposits through a partnership with Upgrade.

Upgrade Bank Partnerships

Opportunity for Banks and Credit Unions

  • Attractive yielding asset for prime unsecured customers
  • Cross-marketing opportunities to customers
  • Custom credit criteria
  • Nationwide or in geo-targeted footprint
  • Upgrade can sweep customer deposits to loan buying partners to provide an attractive low cost of funds
  • Easy integration and comprehensive diligence materials, average onboarding timeline ~35 days
  • Co-branded offering
  • Buy what you want, when you want it and stop at any time.
  • Purchases available via participations or whole loans (For Credit Unions: Upgrade will deliver a memberized loan)

Term: 3 and 5 year

Wtd. Avg FICO*: 715

Wtd. Avg Income: $109,286

Purpose CC  /Dbt Cons: 80%

Purpose Home Improv / Large purchase: 10%


% Homeowners: 68% 

Term: 2, 3 and 5 year

Wtd. Avg FICO*: 689

Wtd. Avg Income: $103,245

Purpose CC /Dbt Cons: N/A

Purpose Home Improv / Large purchase: N/A


% Homeowners: 59% 

Upgrade Card

Upgrade Auto Refi 

Upgrade Personal Loans

Term: 3-7 year

Wtd. Avg FICO*: 712

Wtd. Avg Income: $108,500 

Purpose CC /Dbt Cons: N/A

Purpose Home Improv / Large purchase: N/A 

% LTV: 120% 

% Homeowners: 70% 

* Minimum 660+ FICO. Upgrade extends loans below 660 FICO which are typically sold to institutional investors. If you are interested, Upgrade can also offer below 660 FICO loans to your financial institution.

Upgrade personal loan
Upgrade Card
Upgrade Auto Refinance

For more information, contact us at investor@upgrade.com

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San Francisco, CA 94111, USA



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Personal Loans and Auto Refinance Loans made by Upgrade's lending partners. Personal Credit Lines are issued by Cross River Bank, a New Jersey State Chartered Commercial Bank, Member FDIC, Equal Housing Lender. The Upgrade Card is issued by Sutton Bank, Member FDIC, pursuant to a license from Visa U.S.A. Inc. Get more info