Upgrade Shopping FAQ

What is Upgrade Shopping?

Upgrade Shopping, powered by Dosh, is a program where Upgrade cardholders can earn cash back on purchases from select merchants. All Upgrade Card customers with an open account have Upgrade Shopping. Log in to your Upgrade Card account and go to your customer dashboard to see specific offers. This program operates separately from other Upgrade Card reward programs. You may earn rewards through Upgrade Shopping in addition to other rewards offers you may have with your Upgrade Card.

What is Dosh?

Upgrade Shopping offers are powered by Dosh. When you make a transaction using your Upgrade Card, Dosh checks to see if it is eligible for a cash back reward. If the transaction is eligible for cash back, Dosh will send us a message to credit your account after the transaction has been completed and posted.

How do I earn cashback from Upgrade Shopping?

You can earn cash back in the form of a statement credit by making eligible purchases at participating merchants. The statement credit will be applied to your balance within 90 days of a purchase. You’ll receive an email when you make a purchase that is Upgrade Shopping cash back eligible, the cash back is earned once that transaction is complete and “settled.”

How do Upgrade Shopping cash back offers work?

Upgrade Shopping offers are found by logging in to your account dashboard and selecting “View Details” on the Upgrade Shopping tile. You can earn some cash back by simply going to restaurants or shopping online as you would normally, if they’re participating merchants with offers available. You don’t need to do a thing.

There are other offers that may require you to go through Upgrade Shopping and “click” on the offer where you’ll be redirected to the merchant’s app or website, where you can complete the purchase with your Upgrade Card in order to be eligible. Every offer is different, you’ll want to double-check the offer details to be sure it includes cash back.

You can also earn cash back at local businesses in your area. They will appear as offers on Upgrade Shopping when that particular business location has a participating offer. Simply visit the local merchant you found and make sure it’s at the specific street address, pay for your purchase with your Upgrade Card, and you’ll be eligible for Upgrade Shopping cash back after you have made your purchase.

How much cash back do I earn for using an Upgrade Shopping offer?

Each store is different, and the cash back percentage you earn will be shown next to the offer in the offer details. Make sure to check the offer details for any limits, exclusions, or caps that the merchant may have as part of their offer.

How long does it take to receive my Upgrade Shopping cash back?

Cash back is applied as a statement credit on your Upgrade card. After an eligible transaction has settled your cash back will typically be applied to your balance within 7-14 days but can take up to 90 days depending on the merchant. Cash back rewards applied to your balance will not satisfy or reduce your regular monthly payments.

Are you missing cash back from Upgrade Shopping?

If you believe you are missing cash back from an offer, first make sure that transaction in question is completed, and not pending. Pending transactions will show on your Upgrade Card dashboard as “pending”. The transaction must be completed by the merchant before you can receive any cash back. And remember, it can take up to 90 days for your Upgrade Shopping cash back to be applied as a statement credit.

Is Upgrade Shopping available on the Rewards Checking debit card?

Currently Upgrade Shopping is available on Upgrade Card and not the Rewards Checking debit card.

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