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By entering your online banking login credentials (username and password) and clicking to continue with connecting to your bank, you hereby authorize Upgrade's bank partners, Upgrade, Inc. (DBAs include Universal Credit and the names at (together with its subsidiaries, "Upgrade" or "We"), and Finicity Corporation, a Mastercard company ("Finicity"), to access your personal bank account information held at the bank or financial institution you have identified. You agree that the information accessed will include data from up to (i) the previous one hundred and eighty (180) days and (ii) if you are approved for a financial product through Upgrade, the following one hundred and eighty (180) days from the date of this authorization for the selected bank or financial institution(s). From time to time thereafter, your information may subsequently be refreshed through access of account data by the above named parties.

All information collected will be held in a secure manner by Upgrade and Finicity and will not be sold to any third party.

You authorize us to obtain and use your consumer report and/or other information from Finicity for any purpose permitted by law, including:

  • To process your application (including to authenticate you are who you say you are and for verification purposes);
  • To make credit decisions and to determine your current debt-to-income ratio; and
  • If your application is approved, to service your financial product (including for fraud prevention purposes).

Your information may also be used for informational purposes in connection with your Upgrade Credit Health account, if applicable. Your information will also be used for Upgrade’s own internal research and development.

Once you agree to Finicity’s terms in order to connect your account(s) through Finicity, your account(s) will be linked to Upgrade's bank partners and/or Upgrade through a service that is provided by Finicity, which is subject to Finicity’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Your use of this service is also subject to Upgrade's Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. If you no longer wish to have your account(s) linked to Upgrade's bank partners or Upgrade, or if you wish to add a new account, you may make changes through your Upgrade dashboard.

PROVIDE ACCURATE INFORMATION. You agree to provide true, accurate, and complete information about your identity and your accounts, and you agree not to misrepresent your identity or your account information in any way.