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Our Goal

Our goal is to offer an online and mobile banking experience that delivers exceptional value, including affordable loans and cards, and helps our customers make good financial decisions so they can build the future they want.

Who We Are

Who We Are

Upgradeā€™s founding team pioneered fintech over a decade ago. In 2017 we launched Upgrade to create an online and mobile banking experience that delivers exceptional value to our customers by eliminating fees on everyday transactions and offering affordable and responsible credit through cards and loans. In 3 short years, over 10 million people have applied for an Upgrade card or loan, and we have made over $3 billion in affordable and responsible credit available to our customers. Our latest innovation Upgrade Card combines the payment convenience and flexibility of a credit card with the low cost and responsible credit of an installment loan. Learn more about the team.

How We Help

How we help

Our customers will get the most value by combining online and mobile banking with affordable loans and cards, free credit monitoring, alerts and credit education tools.

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