Upgrade Card

The smarter way to pay

  • No fees
  • Credit lines from $500 to $20,000*
  • Lower cost than traditional credit cards
  • Use wherever Visa® is accepted with safe and fast contactless technology**

You´re in Control with Upgrade Card

Combine the flexibility of a credit card with the low cost and predictability of a personal loan


Use at retail locations or online. Or send funds to your bank account


Low Cost

No fees and set payoffs bring your balance down faster so you pay less interest ‡



Pay down balances from each month at a fixed rate with equal monthly payments

Lower Cost than Traditional Credit Cards

Bring your balance down faster to pay less interest
Interest Paid on a $10,000 balance with Upgrade Card vs. Traditional Credit Card
by a user making a credit card's monthly minimum payment
Upgrade CardTraditional Credit Card
Time to pay off the balance2 years 128 years 2
Interest paid over that time$2,102.71 3$14,423.16 2

1. Example of amortization period using Upgrade Card

2. Source: minimum monthly payment calculator available at https://www.bankrate.com/calculators/managing-debt/minimum-payment-calculator.aspx assuming a $10,000 starting balance, “interest + 1%” minimum and an interest rate of 18%, which is approximately equal to the national average rate for good credit (source: https://www.cardrates.com/).

3. Interest of $2,102.71 assumes a $10,000 charge and installment payments of $504.29 for 24 months. Installment payments calculated with 18% APR and 24-month term accounting for interest accrued between the charge date and the due date 51 days later.

How it Works

  1. Get your Upgrade Card

    Apply online and get a credit line up to $20,000* with your Upgrade Card
  2. Make purchases or get funds sent to your account

    Pay with Upgrade Card at retail locations and online everywhere Visa® is accepted or get funds sent to your bank account
  3. Pay it down

    Make monthly payments which can be debited directly from your bank account. Prepay any amount at any time with no penalty

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