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Monitor your credit score for free

Upgrade’s Credit Health tools

Your credit health

understand your score

Understand your credit score

Know your number

Access your VantageScore® 3.0 anytime and understand the key factors influencing your score.

Credit score summary

See a helpful summary of your latest credit report.

Credit health insights

Learn ways to unlock your full credit potential with a series of educational articles and resources.

Get Personalized Recommendations

Get personalized recommendations

Credit score simulator

Visualize how different scenarios and actions may impact your credit with a data-driven tool that pulls information from your credit report.

Customized recommendations

Receive tips tailored to your unique credit history.

Stay In the Know

Stay in the know

Weekly updates

Keep a pulse on your credit score with an updated score available every week.

Trending charts

Track your progress and how your efforts are changing your credit score.

Email alerts

Quickly recognize what’s impacting your score and identify potential fraud.