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Partnership Opportunities with Institutions

With over 135 financial institution partners, a seasoned team and sterling pedigree in consumer lending, we are the industry leader in financial institution partnerships.

Our bank partners utilize our flexible balance sheet solutions to solve for margin compression, balance sheet diversification, excess liquidity deployment, and fee income replacement.

We have facilitated $19+ billion in loans, including $7.5 billion in 2021 alone.

This year, Upgrade Card registered as the fastest-growing U.S. credit card by outstanding balances, and is the only card with a triple-digit growth rate, according to the March 2022 Nilson Report. We remain the only fintech company with a credit card product listed among the top 50 U.S. Visa and MasterCard issuers.

Headquartered in San Francisco, California, we also have a service center in Phoenix, Arizona and a technology center in Montreal, Canada.

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Partnership Opportunity

Upgrade has partnerships currently available for purchasing any of our facilitated loans, including personal loans, cards, and auto refi loans, or for receiving diversified, low-cost deposits.

Our asset purchase program is flexible with custom credit criteria, nationwide or geography-specific, has no minimum commitment, and is easily incorporated with your existing ALM strategies.

  • Attractive yielding loans and deposits from prime customers
  • Customer deposit sweep available from Bank Partners for access to low-cost funding
  • Average onboarding ~30 days: Dedicated onboarding team for easy integration and comprehensive diligence materials
  • Online account access and account managers for ongoing support
  • Loan servicing by Upgrade

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Upgrade Personal Loans

Term: up to 7 years
Wtd. Avg FICO*: 711
Wtd. Avg Income: $108,945
Purpose CC /Dbt Cons: 89%
Purpose Home Improv / Large purchase: 7.5%
% Homeowners: ~50%

Upgrade Card

Term: 2, 3 and 5 year
Wtd. Avg FICO*: 704
Wtd. Avg Income: $103,247
Purpose CC /Dbt Cons: N/A
Purpose Home Improv / Large purchase: N/A
% Homeowners: 45%

Upgrade Auto Refi

Term: 3-7 year
Wtd. Avg FICO*: 712
Wtd. Avg Income: $108,500
Purpose CC /Dbt Cons: N/A
Purpose Home Improv / Large purchase: N/A
% LTV: 120%
% Homeowners: 70%

* Minimum 660+ FICO. Upgrade facilitates loans below 660 FICO which are typically sold to institutional investors. If you are interested, Upgrade can also offer below 660 FICO loans to your financial institution.

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